My husband and I were both born and raised in Greece, NY. We now live in Hilton, where we are raising our two daughters who are in pre-K and middle school in the Hilton CSD. We both have extended family in Greece and Parma and are committed to doing the best for our community.


I completed high school at Odyssey Academy (where I met my husband) and graduated as salutatorian. I studied biological sciences at the University of Buffalo, completing my B.S. with honors. I also have earned an MS.Ed. in adolescent science education from SUNY Brockport.

Principals Over Party

I believe in living my values over towing the party line; a commitment to honesty, integrity and transparency come first. As your representative my primary responsibility will be to you, the voters!

I will advocate for:

    •  Evidence Based Policy – Policies and actions should be based on all available evidence, not partisan ideology. Representatives should always be asking if other communities have faced similar issues and how did they address them. What solutions have already been tried and were they successful? When advancing a policy we should continue to monitor the results and make improvements over time.
    • Creative Problem Solving and Bringing All Voices to the Table – Often solutions to issues are framed as a binary between the Democratic solution and the Republican solution. This creates a system where there always seems to need to be a “winner” and a “loser.” I believe the legislature has the responsibility to look beyond binary thinking and work to find creative solutions that serve the whole community. By listening to the voices of all the diverse stakeholders in the community we can be better informed about potential impacts of policies and bring in new ideas. As your representative I will proactively reach out to constituents and community groups, actively listening, so that I can better serve the community and carry your voices to the legislature.
    • Creating Prosperity – Monroe County must work to attract businesses and investments that create jobs. To create prosperity a big picture approach is needed. Business friendly policies are not enough in isolation. Efforts must also include fostering resources that help our citizens gain the skills to successfully fill these jobs and strategic investments in infrastructure.