Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal responsibility is more than just keeping the tax rate flat. In recent years Monroe County has relied on selling assets and other one-time revenue gains to balance the budget. This has left Monroe County with low cash reserves. Findings from the 2018 Audit by the NYS Comptroller concluded:

  • “The County relied on $65 million in revenue anticipation notes and $30.85 million in reported general fund interfund advances to cover deficit cash balances in 2017.”
  • “The County does not have sufficient general fund balance to mitigate significant revenue shortages or unanticipated expenditures.”

Creative Problem Solving and Bringing All Voices to the Table

Often solutions to issues are framed as a binary between the Democratic solution and the Republican solution. This creates a system where there always seems to need to be a “winner” and a “loser.” I believe the legislature has the responsibility to look beyond binary thinking and work to find creative solutions that serve the whole community. By listening to the voices of all the diverse stakeholders in the community we can be better informed about potential impacts of policies and bring in new ideas. As your representative I will proactively reach out to constituents and community groups, actively listening, so that I can better serve the community and carry your voices to the legislature.

Evidence Based Policy

Policies and actions should be based on all available evidence, not partisan ideology. Representatives should always be asking if other communities have faced similar issues and how did they address them. What solutions have already been tried and were they successful? When advancing a policy we should continue to monitor the results and make improvements over time.

Creating Prosperity

Monroe County must work to attract businesses and investments that create jobs. To create prosperity a big picture approach is needed. Business friendly policies are not enough in isolation. Efforts must also include fostering resources that help our citizens gain the skills to successfully fill these jobs and strategic investments in infrastructure.